Our Plants

Heritage Seedlings & Liners is the leading WHOLESALE propagator of deciduous, unusual ornamental trees and shrubs, and Oregon wildflower seed. We sell more than 500 varieties of unusual ornamentals, including unusual seedlings and an amazing variety of the latest, hard-to-find selections that we grow by grafting, cuttings, or from tissue culture. We have a strong emphasis on unique and rare maples, yellow Magnolias, rare Magnolias, and new Magnolia selections. From breeders around the globe we feature new dogwood varieties hard to find redbuds, liners and grafts.


Healthy Vigorous Roots

Our emphasis on root vigor is fundamental to our propagation strategy. Small and medium-sized greenhouse-propagated plugs with air-pruned root systems are relatively inexpensive and easy to ship. If you require a larger liner for #2 to #7 containers, we also transplant plugs to the field and drip irrigate them to build root systems that match your needs. Extra large  Plug Sizes (12 and 6-pack) and #1 pots are also offered to bump directly to #2 - #5 pots.

Oak Seedlings


We’re the world's leading grower of some of the most in-demand deciduous woody plant species - plants such as Acer griseum and Stewartia pseudocamellia. Other seedlings we offer, such as red and green Japanese maples, are more widely propagated. However, you rarely find such maples in wholesale quantities that are as well-grown as ours, because ours are not grown with too much irrigation. Excess water tends to promote root disease and soft stem tips, resulting in latent Pseudomonas (black stem) infection.

Bareroot Transplants


From the controlled propagation environment of our retractable roof greenhouses, we take hundreds of thousands of small liners to the field. On greenhouse benches we air-prune roots close to the crown so that after transplanting, new roots develop within 7 inches of the soil surface. Consequently, when we harvest at season’s end, we get nearly the whole root system to send you. The result: consistently strong re-growth, fewer blanks in your containers or nursery rows, and faster flip times for you.

Container Production

Chip BudGrafts

We began to graft Cornus kousa 'Satomi´ 24years ago, and were the first US firm to introduce this plant to the trade. In addition to dozens of other genera, we now offer 1- and 2-year grafts of dozens of dogwood cultivars, a large selection of the best in new and tried/true magnolias and many cultivars of Japanese maples.

Softwood CuttingsCuttings

Growing woody liners from cuttings really took off when we began to offer Betula Heritage®. Named Urban Tree of the Year, it's a fast turn-over item and consistent moneymaker. We offer more than 80 kinds of woody plants propagated from softwood cuttings.


Tissue Culture

Some woodies are difficult to root from stem cuttings, so we bring them into production from the tissue culture lab. We pot up micro-cuttings of Corylus avellana ‘Red Dragon’ PP 20,694 and Betula DuraHeat® and place them under fog, gradually hardening them off as they acclimate to outdoor conditions.

Paeonia tenuifoliaOrnamental PerennialsGunnera tinctoria

We believe these are great plants that should be in your nursery and ultimately your garden. Many may be unfamiliar to you. Our plant catalog has detailed descriptions and photos to show you how these plants add value in your product line. Please call if you have questions about a specific plant.

We offer plug-grown liners, bare root divisions and field-grown seedlings - all ready for #1 container production. To keep ordering simple andImpatiens omeiana inexpensive, we've grown the most advantageous size for each item.

Pacific Northwest NativesSidalcea maviflora

Willamette Valley, Oregon Native Seed

Our Native Plant Database includes descriptions, plant characteristics, and photos all species on our native seed list. For more information and current availability of native seed, please see our Native Seed page.

Perennial and Woody PlantsMahonia nervosa

From our native perennials grown for seed, we have selected a few species that we have found stand out for their remarkable ornamental merits. Many of our woody plants are also native to the Pacific Northwest.

Iris tenax

Contract Grown NativesNative Plant Production

To help you with habitat restoration or mitigation needs, all perennials from our Native Seed List and other sources as well as woody plants can be contract grown. Please Contact Us for more information.