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Oregon Native Seed

We offer source-identified, Willamette Valley, Oregon native seed and plants.Showy Milkweed and Swallowtail Butterfly

We currently offer source-identified seed of over 100 species of native Willamette Valley, Oregon prairie wildflowers (forbs), grasses, sedges and rushes. 

Our key strategy has been to increase the number of forb species commercially available each year. Wildflowers are a critical component of restoration projects.  They provide food for native pollinators and other insects which, in turn, foster a diversity of other creatures especially birds. Below are links to our Native Seed for Sale as well as information on Native Habitats and many Resources that will assist you with your habitat conservation objectives.  To learn more about the vital role our native plants play in the landscape and how you can help click here.

Contract Grown Natives

All species on our native Willamette Valley seed list can be contract grown as bulbs, bareoot divisions, or field-grown seedlings. (If it's not on our list, please ask!). To investigate possibilities of contract production and to help with your habitat restoration or mitigation needs please Contact Us.

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