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Pacific Northwest Natives

Our Pacific Northwest Native wholesale offerings include many woody plants and a few native Oregon perennials that stand out for their remarkable ornamental merit. The plant database also highlights the native Oregon prairie wildflowers and grasses we grow for the Restoration Seed Market.  All of the plants listed can be contract grown . To view our current availability of Pacific Northwest native woodies and perennials please go to Wholesale Ordering.

Use the filters on the left to check characteristics that fit your needs, or use the plant database search feature located on the top right of the screen to search by KEY WORDS (common name, variety, species etc.). To narrow your search, be as specific as possible with key words.  

Large-leaves Avens

Blue Field Gilia

Gum Plant, Willamette Gumweed

Green-flowered Alumroot

Oregon Iris

Dagger-leaved Rush

Prairie Junegrass


Fern-leaved Lomatium

Bare-stemmed Lomatium

Spring-Gold, Bladder Parsnip

Small-flowered Deervetch

Meadow Deervetch

American Bird's-foot Trefoil

Sickle-keeled Lupine

Broad-leaved Lupine

Large-leaf Lupine

riverbank lupine

Showy Tarweed, Common Madia

Common Tarweed, Grassy Tarweed

Oregon Grape

Cascades Mahonia

Slender-leaved Microseris


Narrow-leaf Miners Lettuce

Western sweetroot

Oregon Yampah

Varileaf phacelia

Fragrent Popcorn Flower

Rusty Popcorn Flower

Rosy Plectritis


Sticky Cinquefoil

Slender or Graceful Cinquefoil

Oregon White Oak

Western Buttercup

Straightbeak Buttercup

Little Buttercup

Curvepod Yellowcress

Nootka Rose