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Squawroot or Yampah
Squawroot or Yampah Squawroot or Yampah Squawroot or Yampah

Perideridia gairdneri ssp. borealis

Common Name: Squawroot or Yampah

This species of wild carrot is native to western North America and was an important and often a staple food plant for many Native American groups. In Western Oregon, it is found in both wet and dry prairies. The stems are very tall, but delicate often reaching 5 feet at peak flowering.

Flower Color: White
Zones: 5-9
Growth Habit: Perennial
Height: 0-2
Spread: 0-2
Light Needs: Full Sun
Flowering Season: Late Summer
Leaf Color: Green
Plant Features: Drought Tolerant, Native to Pacific Northwest

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