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Japanese Umbrella Pine
Japanese Umbrella Pine Japanese Umbrella Pine Japanese Umbrella Pine

Sciadopitys verticillata

Common Name: Japanese Umbrella Pine

Soft needles, pleasing form, and kind of pre-historic in its overall appearance, Umbrella Pine is somewhat slow-growing, but always in demand from those suppliers who invest in liners annually and hold them for 4-5 years. Best if not crowded or planted in a wet spot, or simply "let go". This is an expensive plant to buy but a profitable one to sell if you're patient and want to offer something other than red maples, crabapples and honeylocust.

Flower Color: Green
Zones: 5-7
Growth Habit: Tree
Height: 20-30
Spread: 10-15
Light Needs: Sun-Shade
Flowering Season: Spring
Leaf Color: Green
Plant Features: Great Plant Picks, Pennsylvania Horticulture Society Gold Medal

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