Roemer's Fescue
Roemer's Fescue Roemer's Fescue Roemer's Fescue

Festuca roemeri

Common Name: Roemer's Fescue

Because this is the dominant native bunchgrass in the upland prairies west of the Cascades from southern British Columbia to central California it is an easy choice for mass plantings. With its fine thread-like leaves of steely blue-gray that form tussocks 10 in. height, it is very beautiful too, even planted individually in the landscape. No concern over ecological invasiveness. Drought and deer resistant.

Flower Color: Green
Zones: 5-10
Growth Habit: Grass
Height: 2-5
Spread: 0-2
Light Needs: Full Sun
Flowering Season: Early Summer
Leaf Color: Gray
Plant Features: Drought Tolerant, Native to Pacific Northwest

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