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Tiny Dancer™ Common Lilac
Tiny Dancer™ Common Lilac Tiny Dancer™ Common Lilac Tiny Dancer™ Common Lilac

Syringa vulgaris Tiny Dancer™ 'Elsdancer'

Common Name: Tiny Dancer™ Common Lilac

Iconic lilacs - everybody's grandma had one, but this selection has a compact form; giving it strong modern appeal across a wide range. Memorable, pleasant fragrance. In addition to its expected cold-hardiness, Tiny Dancer™ boasts remarkable heat tolerance, growing and blooming well in the South. Even in Zone 8, violet-purple buds open into lavender flowers, joining dogwoods and azaleas as a marker of spring. Large panicles measure 4 to 5 in., the big florets making each cluster appear luxuriously full. Foliage and flowers are in perfect scale, one complementing the other. You know the feeling when everything is in balance with a plant: it exudes quality. We're inspired to bring Tiny Dancer™ to you, an updated version of an old classic for today's gardens.

Flower Color: Lavender
Zones: 3-8
Growth Habit: Shrub
Height: 5-10
Spread: 6-8
Light Needs: Full Sun
Flowering Season: Spring
Leaf Color: green

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