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Baldcypress Baldcypress Baldcypress

Taxodium distichum

Common Name: Baldcypress

Durable deciduous conifer adapted to colder climates and drier soils than those in its native Southeast. Best planted where it can develop unhindered, as it is naturally a large tree. Amazingly, it thrives from upstate New York to the High Plains of Texas and south to Florida. Lumber is highly prized for its decay resistance. Despite its large stature, its landscape appeal is evident in its lacy foliage texture, which becomes a handsome, distinctive blend of green, yellow and brown in autumn. The shaggy bark and bold architecture of its branches lend striking winter interest. Trouble-free, easy to grow and transplant if root-pruned or containerized.

Flower Color: Green
Zones: 5-10
Growth Habit: Tree
Height: 60-70
Spread: 20-30
Light Needs: Full Sun
Flowering Season: Spring
Leaf Color: Green
Plant Features: Good For Bonsai, Great Plant Picks

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