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Tall Stewartia
Tall Stewartia Tall Stewartia Tall Stewartia

Stewartia monadelpha

Common Name: Tall Stewartia

A crowning jewel for the connoisseur's garden. Tall Stewartia differs from the larger, more commonly encountered species Stewartia pseudocamellia with its smooth, reddish brown bark and smaller leaves, Flowers are more abundant and smaller. Charming muted maroon fall color, even in the South. This tree is perfectly planted in afternoon-shaded loose, organic soil or near a woods edge. Alongside an old rotted tree stump is perfect. It will NOT tolerate wet or compacted soil in the immediate vicinity of home or street construction. Yet, with thoughtful planting care and judicious watering practice, few small trees are as tastefully gracious in their full-season garden appeal.

Flower Color: White
Zones: 6-8
Growth Habit: Tree
Height: 20-30
Spread: 15-20
Light Needs: Sun-Shade
Flowering Season: Early Summer
Leaf Color: Green
Plant Features: Good For Bonsai, Great Plant Picks

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