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Ashe Magnolia
Ashe Magnolia Ashe Magnolia Ashe Magnolia

Magnolia macrophylla ssp. ashei

Common Name: Ashe Magnolia

Scaled-down version of Magnolia macrophylla for the modern garden. A precocious bloomer, it sometimes buds up to yield a flower in a pot only 3 yrs. from seed. Fragrant flowers in June... what an early-evening close-up sight for tired eyes! Structurally, they're so fascinating, a delight for their delicate scent and always tempting to touch….reminds one of the biblical verse in praise of lilies "…Solomon in all his glory was never arrayed like one of these...” An 8 ft. multi-stem shrubby form in the Krautmann landscape produces 20 dinner plate-sized blooms over a 2-week period. For such ephemeral blooms, it's a wonder to contemplate that this plant and its cousins have populated the planet since before the dinosaurs perished. YOU NEED this plant, whether you realize it or not. Grow a few in your home garden where you can simply relish them with no prices on them. They are in fact, a priceless experience for any thoughtful nurseryman or gardener.

Flower Color: White
Zones: 6-9
Growth Habit: Tree
Height: 10-15
Spread: 8-10
Light Needs: Sun-Shade
Flowering Season: Summer
Leaf Color: Green

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