October 2016 Customer Letter

Dear Friends,

When internet news is 24/7, are problems actually worse in 2016, or is our awareness of them just more in our faces? With so much beyond our own control, even a short pause guides us to a sense that a LOT within our own lives is in fact controllable, given our collective good fortunes. We get to decide how we use our time, whom we spend it with, and what endeavors we pursue. In plenty of places around the world, that’s certainly not the case.

Within these pages, for example, you have an exceptional opportunity to engage yourself and your staff – from the receptionist and production/maintenance people to the commissioned sales manager. Review this selection with a goal to get more efficient turn times, imaginative new options for your customers, and more profit per acre or square foot. Keep it fun for everyone, so there is a strong team effort and culture. Inspire others with your work!

Acer triflorum

We can help you during this period of remarkable change in the market for woody plants. As horticulture splits faster every year into commodity or specialty markets, which one do you choose? Or, do you focus on a hybrid of each, as we do, to maintain a diverse, nimble market position?

No matter what, it’s important to keep your menu updated regularly, offering new and better ornamental varieties to replace those that are beginning to lose sales appeal. We’re known for our specialty line of woody ornamental liners, and after 35 years at it, we have a big selection of the best in new varieties. We have a staff and facilities that are set up to handle your orders efficiently - with courtesy and kindness, not just phone recorders and automated email acknowledgements. When we are jammed up on the phone, we get back to you promptly.

Give us a call if we can offer you some advice or information on kicking up the “inspiration factor” in your own line of woody ornamentals.


Mark, Jolly, & Staff

Magnolia fruit