November 2017 Availability

November 2017

Dear Friends,

September was a record-breaking sales month for us as your liner grower, so we suspect most in the trade have had a robust sales season to match. The winter trade shows will be an exercise in locating what others have over-sold or promised and can’t deliver. If you’re in this lamentable situation, give us a call. Discover what others know, namely that we inventory VERY carefully. Our process works this way:

  • 1. We take your list and acknowledge what we will likely have, either in part or in full per your desired sizes.
  • 2.About this time of year after the crop is fully mature, hardened off, we complete our detailed quantity and size inventory, allowing us to confirm your order.
  • 3.Although like any plant business we have occasional disappointments, surprises, weather events or simply make a mistake, we generally ship what we confirm.

Reliability is a critically important supplier trait. If you cannot depend on getting what you confirm, you risk being unreliable for your own clients and your sales may suffer if people question your ability to deliver, or the counts are off, sizes not there, or timing is dicey. Why deal with that in addition to all the usual stuff we have so little control over? At some point, reliability is a function of basic integrity.

Acer griseum fall colors

We have a dependable crew, strong company leadership within manager ranks, and Jolly and I are in this for the long haul. Although we’re age 65, we are not retiring since we have such strong horticultural interests, farm development plans, and ambitious, dependable, experienced staff. We have YOU, our wonderful friends, loyal customers, and the most fascinating palette of woody deciduous liners in the trade. What more can we be thankful for than these lifelong passions and friends? Our farms are paid for, and we can focus exclusively on our customers, supplier relationships and our first “customers” – our employees. We built the company with their career interests in mind, their God-given talents and natural energy and enthusiasm for doing what they love, and just for whom they ARE. This is the stuff of a fine life and career. We love it and will keep loving it, growing for you.

Keep warm and safe this holiday season, and find some good blues or jazz music to dilute all the reindeer tunes!

Mark, Jolly and Staff