November 2016 Availability

Dear Friends,

No more election blather – this is business.

Each of us started a profitable, new business in the past 8 years – yes, a new business. It bears no resemblance to the one before. We reinvented ourselves, survived and thrived – all of us. That perseverance and hard work has made us fit for opportunities now and years to come.

Upcoming changes will be more radical than any in the past 8 years due to critical changes in the retail market and right down on the farm:

  • ·Much tighter ag labor availability & doubling (at minimum) of crew labor costs
  • ·Boomer Generation retiring – a shrinking retail market segment. Who replaces them - and their credit cards?
  • ·Fundamental change in new retail buyers’ sense of style and value about ornamental plants we all grow. They don’t want plants; they want entertainment. NOW (not after “working in the garden”).

But for imaginative leaders in this craft, this industry, who have imagination, the future is bright with so many opportunities. There are so many opportunities in a shrunken pool of producers that the choices can feel daunting.

Ginkgo b. 'Mariken'

So this is a time to review where your market advantages are, how you want to re-balance your liner investments as part of your tightly focused sales efforts. You already understand this or you wouldn’t have survived this far. Reliable profits aren’t hatched in complacency. No plants get sold in the good old days – days long past. This is surely no time to putter along with the same tired portfolio of plants. Make each item, each size, each sale date and profit margin justify your hard work, time and money.

If you have to grab a beer to make the hard choices a bit easier, go get a 6-pack and get

to it.

Let us help you in that rebalance effort. Find in these pages a huge variety of seedlings, cutting-grown or grafted plants unlike any other you can find in the nation. With more than 35 years in the business, and having started it from scratch, we know a thing or two about cycles and fundamentals. We can help you sort through options if you need it. We commit to transparent communication and doing what we say we will. Pretty simple, and the entire reason we have been successful for so many years ourselves.

Give us a try. Re-order when you get turned down by others.

Best wishes for this THANKSGIVING season and trust yourself. When the next person asks how you’re doing, respond with your best smile, “Better than I deserve.”

Our current availability list is here.

Mark, Jolly & Staff

Joy in the small things