March 2016 Customer Letter

Dear Friends,

It’s not quite yet “final call” for liners this spring, but we’re getting close. Whether you need a few plants or a lot, please let us know ASAP so we can get you in line within a season that has been compressed 3 weeks due to our mild winter. We’ve packed our 100 x 200 ft. cold storage building full, but just for YOU we’ll find a way to ship it or stuff it in there - if you call right away. Potted material remaining in the greenhouses will soon leaf out too much to ship. And bare root stock is not far behind once this drippy weather passes and we get into April sunshine.

We’re so ready for some sun!

It has been a favorable season on many levels, and we sure appreciate your business. We tell you that in more than words by paying meticulous attention to details when you call or write, confirming promptly, grading precisely so you get exactly what size it say on the packing list. We count bundles accurately, and pack carefully so that your plants arrive in fresh condition- no surprises. We’ve received some of the most gracious thank-you notes ever this year, despite the fact that EVERYONE is too busy to write.

Malus Golden Sentinel

So here’s a virtual toast to you and your own company and its endeavors, with the commitment from Jolly and me that if you call, we’ll give you our staff’s personal best attention. Look through our availability and let us know how we can help you with rootstock for maples, dogwood pawpaw, hornbeam,redbud,beech, ginkgo, magnolia, oaks, baldcypress or zelkova. Of course, we have a full complement of named varieties you can take budwood or cuttings from and recoup your investment if you’re a propagator. Or, bump them into pots and flip them this spring or fall…

Finally, if you want a sizeable amount of material because you’ve been shorted by others, let us know how we can make you whole and show you what reliability feels like.

We still have trucks rolling east and may be able to fit you in if you call right away.

Kind regards,

Mark & Jolly Krautmann

Heritage Seedlings & Liners

Magnolia 'Genie'