April 2016 Customer Letter

Dear Friends,

It’s “clean out cooler” time in late April. Because we had one of our most successful propagation seasons ever last year, we still have a strong supply of liners in the cooler that we prefer to not transplant to the field or see go up in smoke.

Attached, we’ve projected some reasonable numbers: you can see the powerful profit potential from just repotting them for fall sales. For some, you might even flip them later this spring with careful plant and pot selection. Pot-in-pot or field planting directly out of the box or truck – or even reselling them if you want to combine an order with friends to make a late season bet – these are all options to consider.

Let us help you make more money this season with liners that have exceptional root systems and a price you can’t match for this quality when woody liner supplies are generally very tight!

Get back to us with a quick text or note – or give us a ring when you have a minute between spring jobs. We’ll jump right on it and review shipping options with you so we finish this.

Kind regards,

Mark, Jolly & Staff
Avondale Chinese Redbud

Last Call & Discounts Spring 2016 Availability List


$112 Average price for a #25 gallon @ wholesale

Breakdown of investment -

$26 Grafted, 3-year liner 4-5 feet tall plus shipping

$15 Pot and soil mix

$4 Labor to pot and stuff it in the can yard

$3 Care expenses over a summer

$48 Total costs

Bottom line:

$112 Sales price

  • -$48 Costs

$64 Profit potential

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