Last Call Spring 2017 Availability

Dear Friends,

In a rising market, we’d be wise to remember that although we get excited by sales numbers, profit is the engine of commerce. Follow the 80/20 Rule. Are 80% of your profits generated by 20% of your product line? What 20% of your time yields 80% of your productivity?

The key to profit is not so much getting the right answers, it’s in thoughtfully asking the right questions. For example, what 20% of the following generates 80% of your profit?

  • ·Field, greenhouse, or retail space
  • ·Plant selection
  • ·Clients/territory
  • ·Time

Does your plant selection strategically guide clients toward what must ultimately be an “experience” at retail, or reflect what your sales staff reported was most short last year? Do your key staff get strokes more from sales, or do you focus at least as much on margin? Choose carefully, with profit as your goal, not just sales. Despite popular notions, none of us makes up lackluster profit margin with greater sales volume.   

Carpinus grafts

Our seedling woody rootstock selection is unmatched. With more than 450 kinds of ornamental woodies to choose from, our plant selection helps you grow and deliver profitable VALUE with core items that are recurrent sales bell-ringers in addition to niche items. Let us answer your questions about our diversity in cutting, tissue-cultured, and specialty grafted items, many of which are unavailable in quantity elsewhere.

From your first call or note, we handle your inquiry professionally – carefully document your order respond quickly, and ship your order so that when you open the box or truck you sense how much we CARE. We take care of YOU. On the rare occasion when we goof, we immediately make it right - to your satisfaction.

We’re your partner, not just your supplier.

Rebalance your plant portfolio to lead your market, shorten your turn times, diminish cull ratios, and avoid running an expensive hobby.


Mark, Jolly & Staff

Emerging Mahonia