June 2016 Customer Letter

Dear Friends,

Spring is almost behind us and it will be Independence Day before we know it. We hope your spring liner purchases are growing well and you made the right choices for your customers.

If you’re too jammed up to look over this entire list, please forward it to someone who can sort through opportunities . . .

  • ·Are you short on any items you’d like to pot up for fall sales?
  • ·Still needing rootstock to bud or graft in the container this summer? We still have a good selection of grafted Japanese maples, and beautiful maple rootstocks if you’re able to get them potted soon for late summer budding. As this craft becomes an increasingly rare skill, it can be a handsome profit opportunity.
  • ·Can you pick up your order? Our #1 potted hazelnuts are in hot demand in the Pacific Northwest, and these are among the best of Oregon State’s blight resistant varieties.
  • ·Have you considered offering Pawpaw (Asimina)? As interest in fruit trees increases, this wonderful, small American native fruit tree that is seldom offered in quantity. These are the best of Neil Peterson’s large-fruited, delicious varieties, and are attractive for re-wholesale, or distinctive promo item in the garden center.
Asclepias speciosa
  • ·Overall, do you have space available in your growing area for a few more items in order to generate a profit from space you’re paying for, perhaps even watering, but aren’t using efficiently?

Speaking of water, do you need to change out old spinners, nozzles, or emitters that may have become partially plugged? There’s nothing more discouraging than liverwort or moss resulting from leaky irrigation lines.

And most important, as the weather gets hot, are crews trained to not overwater, wasting slow-release fertilizer and suffocating container plants with water-logged mix “just to be sure”? More liners and finished nursery stock gets killed by disease from this insidious practice than any other in the business.

We’re your partner in this craft, your supplier and yes, your friends. Email, call or fax if we can help you make some money.

Kind regards,

Mark, Jolly, & staff

Rosy Teacups Dogwood