January 2017 Availability

Dear Friends,

Finally winter seems here, after an exceptionally mild fall season. But after the holidays it will be a big push to accommodate all the orders and brisk demands on limited inventories in lots of nursery circles.

Have you booked your order yet, before those who will wait until the MANTS Show or others around the country in January? If not, we suggest you have a good look while things are slower in December, to assure you of maximum options on size and varieties. Fact is, we are already getting light on availability or even sold out on some items.

Highlights of great income opportunity for you and strong supplies on this end include:

  • Chionanthus virginicus - Shiny dark green leaves and abundant, pleasantly fragrant flowers showcase this classy American native. Much hardier than C. retusus, it performs in full sun from moist lowlands to dry hillsides. Among the finest of ALL landscape plants, not just natives.
  • Hydrangea Ruby Slippers™- At maturity only about 3.5 ft. tall, it fits neatly into today's compact multi-family housing landscapes.
Ilex vert. Maryland Beauty
  • Asimina - Pawpaw – Pawpaw - 6 named options - the best out of Kentucky. Native small & pest free, this is an up and coming item if you keep track of unusual backyard fruits. (Grandkids & home-made pawpaw ice cream are the best combo this side of heaven.)
  • Taxodium Shawnee Brave™ - Narrow, perfectly upright form; mature size 70 ft. x 18 ft. Like Fringetree, an extremely versatile landscape tree with a small footprint. Minimum leaf litter due to its fine-textured foliage. Lends an aristocratic air to the landscape, especially if several specimens are grouped like sentinels along a water course or pond.
  • Acer palmatum var. atropurpureum - One-year plants are perfect for re-potting to grow on for a season; transplants are best for prompt resale. For best branching, lightly pinch the stem tips when they're in tender new growth. An inexpensive alternative to grafted varieties, they are often sold in the GC in a #1 or #2 pot.
  • Magnolia ‘Butterflies’ - A popular upright, spreading small tree with abundant flowers of pleasing yellow color. If spring is warm, flowers tend toward a cream color.

Regardless of your order size or varieties or delivery date, we appreciate the trust you have in us to get your order in and out RIGHT, every time. We have high expectations of you and ourselves, to make 2017 our best yet, and we are your full partner in that effort. Give us a shot at your needs and we will show you, not just talk about it.

Finally, if you have questions not so easy to review in email or otherwise, just pick up the phone and ask for Veronica, Ethan, Maira, Lynda, Anthony, Octavio, Eric, Mark or Jolly. Count ‘em: that’s nine of us! We’re here to help you out, and one of the experts above will get back to you promptly so we move forward with you together.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our current availability is here.

Mark, Jolly and staff  

Heptacodium m. and A. griseum