Farwest 2017 Availability


That’s how we feel now that we have our Farwest Show availability list complete and order confirmations going out the door. We take a lot of effort to make inventory accurate so when we confirm your order we feel confident of our ability to ship what we confirm. This helps you more confidently plan your own work - whether grafting, potting up, field planting, or some combination.

Our aim is to make your Heritage order one you can feel confident about, that you make a solid profit on.

Dependable. Reliable. Accurate. No surprises. These are the fundamentals we’ve grown this enterprise on for 35 years, so we’ve had lots of practice sharpening our wits and wisdom.

Check out our Availability List/Catalog to find current availability anytime, updated so that you see what’s actually available when you order. We’ve made a determined effort to grow more of what you regularly ask for, but don’t hesitate once you have a solid idea of what you need.

We can create a “standing order” of those basics to help protect your annual interest. Let us know.

As we propagate new items and re-balance our plant portfolio to reflect what’s in solid demand, you know we’re always on the forefront of offering the newest and best varieties in woody plants. Just today we learned that two of our new varieties, Quercus ‘Mesa de Maya’ and Corylus ‘Burgundy Lace’ earned Best of Show and runner up… basically both first and second places in the Farwest Show New Varieties Showcase!

Come by our booth #9037 to see them. Better yet, chip your card in for our closing-hour drawing to take one of these choice prizes home with you on Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, while you’re there we can review your order details personally, offer you ideas for other items to enhance your sales, or answer any questions you may have about shipping, growing hints and grafting. Or, just stop by to update us about your family and what fun you’ve been up to recently. Farwest is a family reunion after all!

Need last-minute free passes? Let us know…

Kind regards,

Mark, Jolly and Crew