Cooler Cleanout April 2017

April 2017

Dear Friends,

As we ship the final bundles and pots in a banner sales season, we still have broad availability of fine seedling rootstock, 1-2 year grafts, cuttings and tissue-cultured liners! We hope to finish shipping of cold-stored, bareroot and potted liners by mid-to-late April, so this is your opportunity to fill in some blank spots.

Whether you pot them up for fall sales or plant in the field, bring our liners in now to get a head start on your own inventory/cash flow for the year(s) ahead.

Some quick examples to jump-start your imagination ….

  • ·We’re surprised how few nurseries propagate Eastern Redbud in quantity, so you may wish to pot some up while we have strong availability in larger sizes that will finish fast, especially if you favor them with a warm greenhouse. Varieties ‘Appalachian Red’, ‘Burgundy Hearts®, The Rising Sun™, and ‘Hearts of Gold’ are popular and somewhat hard to find in larger sizes. The Western Redbud, Cercis occidentalis is our own native species, and we still have strong availability from a record crop this past season.
  • ·Check out our medium-sized plug Katsuratree seedlings to stuff into a #3 pot or the field for vigorous ’17 season growth to 5-6 feet. Add to your uniform seedling crop the reddish leaf variety, Red Fox Katsura. If you call soon, the loosely upright, pendulous variety ‘Morioka Weeping’ is always pleasing, especially around a landscape water feature.
  • ·Several Arbutus selections are available: Strawberry Tree, the handsome hybrid ‘Marina’, and A. unedo ‘Oktoberfest’. They’re hard to beat, especially in a site that doesn’t get much maintenance
  • ·Another group of popular, medium trees are dogwoods, always in demand and easy to grow if you don’t over-salt the root systems with fertilizer. We have a fair number of Rosy Teacups®, ‘Mountain Moon’, Stellar Pink®, Variegated Stellar Pink®, ‘Aka Tsuki’, award-winning ‘Summer Gold’ and the upright Snow Tower®
  • ·Beeches aren’t as small as dogwoods or redbuds and Japanese maples, but a few varieties are consistent sellers: Columnar ‘Dawyck Gold’ or ‘Dawyck Purple’, and pleasing mixed colors of ‘Roseomarginata’ are good property if pruned a bit in mid-summer to make a well-formed plant for your list.
  • ·Finally, Oakleaf Hydrangea and magnolias; as you know, we grow the best of them. Jolly’s putting her name on 10 Magnolia Black Tulip® today, but if you act quickly she’ll book you the few that remain, and may let you have 5 of hers (if you send her favorite Swiss chocolate).

Want your plants to flourish this summer? Start with the best in seedlings and huge selection of grafted and cutting/TC-grown items from Heritage.

Mark, Jolly, & Staff