August 2016 Customer Letter

Dear Friends,

Our 2016-17 Catalog has been published and will be hitting the mail right away! It is available now on our website; new catalog.

Farm labor: it’s scarce now, but brace yourself for even fewer available workers and higher labor costs. To adjust to the dwindling labor pool in horticulture, you’ll probably need to check most of the boxes below:

  • Identify your most labor-intensive varieties. Code payroll hours by crop/crew activity. Get key staff to identify what items take the most crew labor and longest finish times.  
  • Drop at least 20% off your nursery/GC menu – the money losers.
  • Sharpen your mechanization wits. This can be a fun opportunity, but it requires tightly focused priorities, a disciplined budget, and a thoughtful bank partner.
  • Double down on your top 20% of profit-makers. Why are they so profitable, while others are a money pit? Answers almost always relate to labor, cycle time and demand.
Symphoricarpos Magical Pride
  • Rebalance your plant portfolio with updated varieties to keep your clients coming back. This is where Heritage fits as your key partner. We source the best woody ornamentals from the parade of new ones coming out yearly. We’ll help you refresh your plant list to fit with what you do extraordinarily well. Keep it interesting for your customers and profitable for you.

We help you generate the most profit per labor hour by offering you high profit-potential items to replace the losers. Check our availability when you see it by email, fax or post. Ask around about our caring, competent office team who book your order, verify details, and arrange shipping. We have the good stuff you need - consistently, with no surprises in the box, on the truck, or at pickup here at our well-run nursery. 

We’re here for you, so contact us to see how we can help you replace marginally profitable items with those that help you meet an ever-larger payroll and still leave you smiling. 


Mark, Jolly, and staff

Magnolia Honey Tulip